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You are a decisive individual that is independent and have a mind of his or her own. Also known to the October 23rd horoscope personality is a good ability to make use of words and body language without any fear. You are also going to be a little bit private but most time faithful. Try everything possible to break from the bondage of your negative traits.

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It is advisable for you to be less manipulative and subjective. The 23 October birthday traits reveal that you need to understand that life is not all about being annoyed and aggressive with your relationship with people. As an October 23 man or October 23 woman , you are clingy, jealous and over possessive with your relationship to others. Moreover, you tend to be a moody fellow who is prone to changes.

You tend to have a mood swing as well as an ability always to find fault in people. You are most likely going to hide things from other people. Based on the 23rd October birthday personality traits , you are going to be an undiplomatic fellow who tends to find it very difficult to relate to people around you. In addition to this, you are an uncultured and undisciplined fellow who tends to be engulfed by boredom. As per the October 23 zodiac , you seem to be an inflexible fellow who always stands on his or her belief.

You are most likely going to be an untidy fellow who is exposed to a lot of diseases. The October 23rd personality shows that you are going to be a loving and caring fellow who is passionate and secretive. You tend to always go after opposite sex to date. You are also most likely going to be mysterious and out of the world. The 23rd October star sign shows that you are a deep person who would open his or her mind completely to someone she or he loves.

You are also going to have a delicate heart which is going to be overcome by a caring and supporting fellow. Based on the 23 October love life , attractiveness and charm are the two traits which make you successful in life. You seem to find it difficult to win the love of someone that does not have a slight interest for you. You are prone to jealousy and most likely going to be controlling and possessive. According to the October 23 compatibility , you will be compatible with a lover that is born on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th day of a month.

Birthday Horoscope October 23rd

You are also going to be a lover that is most attached to a native of Cancer and Pisces while you are least compatible with a native of Libra. As an individual that is born on October 23rd, you are most likely going to have a high level of curiosity. You are also going to be an insightful person that is imaginative and understanding. You would go for careers that would make you display your imagination and a good understanding of life. In addition to this, your special knowledge of situations also makes you go for a career that would make you balanced and peaceful.

Moreover, you are going to be a productive and helpful individual that is ardent and skillful. Also, you will be energetic and confident with the October 23 birthday personality.

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You also go for jobs that would allow you to gain a lot of financial gains. The effect of your carelessness is your illness. The 23 October astrology shows that you tend to be unhealthy and prone to a lot of infrequent illnesses that are as a result of your careless behaviors. Your horoscope shows that you benefit from a great health constitution which is, however, prone to problems. You are going to be a healthy fellow who tends to become overweight as a result of the food you take in.

Moreover, you tend to be an individual that is prone to problems related to bones, backbone, and teeth. You need always to exercise to have a better metabolism. The October 23 birthday astrology shows that your paired element is water.

Born on October 23rd Horoscope: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Birthstones, Tarot Card..

You have a fixed connection with the element which makes you powerful and mysterious. Also, you tend to be emotional, understanding and caring.

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Like water itself, you are also most likely going to be a determined and passionate worker who tries everything possible to succeed in life. You are advised to embrace the positive October 23rd traits of your element for you to be successful and understanding. Moreover, you tend to be unsettled and stubborn due to difficulties. Apart from this, you tend to be ridden by the waves of the emotion of understanding.

You are also most likely going to be supportive and passionate about what you do. The ruling planet of the October 23 horoscope personality is Pluto.

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Pluto happens to be the planet-ruler of your zodiac symbol as well as your first decan. You are most likely going to be driven by powers, transforming and prone to renewal. You often follow the path of success and hard-work. In terms of criticality, you are logical and strong.

Moreover, you are competitive and manipulative with a focused mind. In addition to this, Mercury rules you as a result of the October 23rd birthday which falls on a day with a numerology of 5. Their mental forte is power and control.

Birthday Horoscope October 23rd

They can achieve power over others through self-control. Energetic, decisive — they can exert power over others.

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What should they strive for? They should avoid indulgence, yielding to their passions and pursuit of pleasures. Their highest calling should be a complete control over their feelings, passions and intellect. It should be added that, despite their initial falls or mistakes, they usually firmly move forward and make significant progress. The strong influence they have on their environment can then accelerate development of their loved ones and create better life conditions for them. What threatens them? Danger coming from their enemies.

As soon as they think they have full happiness and security — it might turn out they are surrounded by dangers. How to raise a child born on this day? They have innate inventive talents, characterized by original thoughts, as well as a gift for drawing and handiwork in general. Their educators should not halt their innate originality, but develop and encourage it. Such a child should be allowed to walk their own paths, without having their independence limited, otherwise their significant innate skills might be suppressed.

When their words are doubted or they are ridiculed — they can easily learn to lie or cheat.