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However, Catherine Fisher, the town registrar, said on Wednesday that Karun moved to Stetson in , the Bangor Daily News reported.

Together in we read over 4, of our own books - ROOT was successful but…. For students, alumni and staff of the University of Oxford. And anyone else…. Keep up to date with deaths in the literary world. Whether someone is a…. A group for people interested in all aspects of the Middle East, including its…. A group for discussing the book by Julia Eccleshare and Quentin Blake or…. A forum for those who collect and enjoy Jewish cookbooks, cooking and food…. A place to trumpet the heretofore unheralded merits of your favorite book or…. This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of….

A group to discuss science fiction books of the 's, 's, and 's. Each month, we conduct a few exclusive interviews with authors and then publish…. For fans of the works of J. Neil Schulman, L. Neil Smith and F. Paul Wilson,…. A group for those interested in our furry, feathered, finned friends. A group for parents looking to raise readers and to deal with all reading…. For those who appreciate French culture, food, arts, places, and language.

Are you from Spain? Are you Spaniard-friendly? Do you LOVE tortilla de patatas? Are you looking for a good book on a particular subject? Leave your wishes…. Group for people who read books about defending the Faith. That is, for people…. This is for general issues with LibraryThing's new you-translate-it translation…. For those interested in the works of Fielding, Smollett, Radcliffe, Pope,….

Book and general discussion about air combat, from Eindeckers to Raptors,…. The personal libraries of famous or infamous readers. This group is for The…. For readers who are interested in the social impact of technology. How are new…. A group for Simmons College students, professors, alums, or anyone else with an…. For those individuals who really enjoy reading books that deal with the African…. A place to discuss your favorite Christian Historical Fiction books and their….

The name says it all. This is a group dedicated only to discussion of the 7th…. Poe produced rich and dark works of poetry and short story. Come discuss…. A group for those who wish to share topics for reading, research, and…. Somerset Maugham and anyone who wants to…. A place for people from the Music Capital of the World to come together and….

Even if you're not single, join this group and meet people the best way…. BookBalloon is about lively talk on the reading life and all things…. This group is for those interested in Freemasonry, both traditional and…. This group is for Music History Musicology students, teachers, Theory…. A forum for music and vinyl enthusiasts, cultivated reactionaries,…. This group is made up of children's literature students from Cameron University….

This is a group dedicated to the lovely English author, Diana Wynne Jones, who…. This is a group for people working on the German translation of LibraryThing. From biblical history to the arab-Israeli conflict and everything in between. This is a group for people working on the Brazilian Portuguese translation of….

This group is to discuss "the matter of Britain" -Arthurian literature and…. Hello, welcome to Horror! A place for those who suffer from all forms of depression or anxiety based…. Stop by 8A's Reading Group to share your latest reads and recommendations! Together in we read over 4, of our own books and reached our goal for…. A place for movie buffs who enjoy reading and discussing screenplays,…. A forbidding Victorian mansion, crumbling old castle or an exotic local.

Callas or Tebaldi? Mozart or Wagner? The group's a big tent for readers who self-identify as working class and who…. This group was inspired by a thread which asked LTers what they thought are the…. Vintage is - of course - loosely defined here. And series, stand-alone books,…. Are you a fan of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next? A member of the Nursery Crime…. For everyone - whether you consider yourself an archaeologist or not - who…. Looking for…. A group for discussing all things monastic: fictional or historical. For those who are, or who love, Chinese, or anything connected to Chinese -….

This is a challenge for to read eight books in eight categories for a…. This group will consist of the postings and comments of Mrs. Grant's and Ms. A group for those interested in education, particularly its theory A place for those with a broad scope of interests, who enjoy the mainstream as…. Let's get together, you and me, baby, and develop a folksonomy. And we'll float…. Jacket design, fonts, typesetting, paper types, sizes. Anything to do with…. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join this group if you live in the city of…. I dream about living on a beautiful tropical island that I have made out of….

This is a group set up to allow people to track and discuss their reading…. For the love of historical Egyptian fiction. Love the old Nile gods? All so known as Speculative Fiction. Includes science fiction, fantasy, horror…. Flash-Mob Cataloging is when a horde of LibraryThing members descend on some…. Let's be honest, we can't be book lovers without loving authors, too. This is the place for readers who enjoy the study of Abraham Lincoln and the…. A place to discuss the category of fiction termed 'slipstream' by SF author….

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Romanticism, realism, naturalism, symbolism, existentialism A group for people interested in analytic philosophy, broadly construed as…. Trading Post. All Arizona. Anything Arizona. Read Arizona. Explore Arizona. A book group for users of the website rateyourmusic. As we compulsively…. For people wanting to do it themselves in art, music, technology and life. Individual liberty, economic freedom, and equality under the law in a…. How many book lists are there floating around out there?

The " list" tells…. Quaker libraries internationally are invited to participate in this group to…. Join us to share ideas--and get ideas--about the books you're reading! Oregon, Washington, Idaho If you hang your hat anywhere in the great Pacific…. This is a group for people working on the French translation of LibraryThing. Join in the fight against unread books! Are you ecstatic when you find trade paperbacks for fifty cents at a yard sale? The Non-Fiction Challenge is for anyone who wants to focus on non-fiction,….

Shine a light on female authors writing in any genre, style, period! A group for people with an interest in religious studies. Primarily focused…. Reference, how-to, memoirs, history, photos, and fiction related to flying and…. A group for dis abled-identified readers, writers, and activists and our…. Fans of subversive fiction from the 80s to the present. Think Brett Easton…. A group devoted to the last spoken form of Egyptian, written in the Greek…. This group is for those who enjoy reading books that are written by African…. For lovers of experimental cinema, underground film, video art, and other….

Peering through the doors of perception, in both fiction and non. Flickr Members post your LibraryThing related photos in our group on Flickr! A group for the discussion of books about World War One. War memoirs, battles,…. For an added challenge,…. A group for members of the Denver Public Library, as we work on learning web…. This is a group for Library thing users who identify in some way with, or have….

For those of us fortunate enough to have dogs in our lives, and who like to…. You are outgoing or introverted. You are a polymath or a specialist. You are…. A discussion group devoted to the wargamer who is also a LibraryThinger. From children's classics like Calvin and Hobbes to cultural and political humor…. Discussions about books that are about, or have anything to do with knights. A group to connect collectors of works of both non-fiction and fiction, about….

A place for JCO fans of all kinds to gather and discuss her works. Whether you…. Each class member is required to join this group as part of the Library Thing…. This is a group for Thurso High pupils and staff to share their reviews on…. Over the years, this category of books has expanded to fill more of my home…. Swimming in advanced copies you just know you'll get to soon. Unable to…. This group is for those readers who would like to set a goal of reading …. Group of high school sophomores reading American Literature as ongoing….

On Criminal Element, we love crime fiction, and we're hoping to bring that love…. Current Events has to do with anything that concerns you or the world…. This group is for friends who are passionate about the works of J. A group for students of the Western Mystery Tradition in all its various forms. Do your bookshelves out you as a drunk? Or just a connoisseur of the world's….

A group for those people who seek out and collect books published by the Modern…. From the Fall of the Roman Empire to the 17th century. The everlasting effect…. It's Penguin Books! And Pelican, Puffin, Peacock,…. For LTers interested in Taoism from a scholarly or spiritual perspective. For readers of anything related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show lives on…. For all "Poetry-thingers! For those who are Christian Homeschoolers and have specific interests in God…. This is a group for people who love to search out, fortuitously stumble across…. We're people eager to talk about belly dance, aka Raqs Sharqi!

We're here…. To talk about books Fiction, non-fiction, memoirs about boating or sailing. A fun way to get…. More than LibraryThing users have at least one book by Haruki Murakami.

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A group for slashy queer themed fantasy books, and their readers. For the quilters among us. Patchwork, applique, paper piecing, art quilts,…. Books and talk about Alexander of Macedon, the most important figure of ancient…. Anyone in the graphic design field know that books are a vital resource in the…. For chewing over the best bits of business thinking and talking about where….

A group for members of the Society for American Baseball Research and other…. Let's share the choice books we read this year so we can get great new titles…. A group for those who want to discuss issues in the field of HSTM studies,…. A class of high school juniors reading and discussing American literature. This is a group created to discuss and arrange and Thank You gift for our….

This is a group for people working on the Swedish translation of LibraryThing. This topic was suggested to me by some comments in the Book Talk thread about…. If you love cheese, and reading, and eating cheese while reading, come talk…. For classic adventuring literature.

Who is in need of books constantly? This is the place to find some I'll be…. This group is named after the mnemonic the author produced to indicate the…. In this group…. Just like Zombies appearing to be alive, this group's title may…. For fans of Dorothy L. Sayers, particularly the Lord Peter Wimsey novels. A group for runners of all ages and abilities.

Talk about PRs, training…. For those who want to discuss why they flagged something, those who've been…. What would John Galt cook? Which libertarian economics primer can best…. A group devoted to the season of Halloween itself, and all its appearances in…. A book club for members of Xbox GamerchiX! Girls who like to read and game are…. A group for LT members who refuse to take the world at face value. The OED…. This private group is for students to communicate their ideas, preferences, and…. Nostalgia is always around to tell us things aren't as good as they used to be.

Does your music library combate the book collection for shelf space? Does a…. This is the place where you can post your reviews, respond to others' reviews,…. For all of us who procrastinate by improving our productivity skills. If you're an eclectic reader, you'll have a high "obscurity" rating on the Fun…. For those who read or collect books about spaceflight and exploration,…. The Teaching Company www. For those too cheap or who read too quickly to pay for all of their books, or….

Since we're reading the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, let's talk…. If you have or are working toward a degree in classics classical studies,…. If you love children's fantasy fiction and you remember a time before Potter,…. Rather, this group is dedicated to a…. Fans of functional programming generally, the dynamic languages Lisp and Scheme…. Bookmarks have always fascinated me Books for students of Chinese -- testing the linguistic capabilities of….

A group for all things Shakespearean - plays, biographies, studies; serious and…. For readers of experimental literature in the broadest sense of the word. Let's talk about Dinosaurs! And mammals, and plants, and invertebrates, and…. A group for people who like reading Norse mythology, history, fiction,….

I'm going to be reading books about each of the states in the US. I'll read one…. A passing reference to the fountain pen with purple ink that I use to write…. A place for fans of any or all of Anne McCaffrey's works. It also includes Todd…. For those interested in mind-altering plants and chemicals, and especially,…. A place to discuss the offerings of one of the most impressive small press…. Literary Centennials is a group for celebrating the th, th, etc. A group for members of the immensely popular theology forum, TheologyWeb. As you can tell by the name this is a site devoted to those who love all things….

Libraries serving synagogues, Hillel groups, or similar Jewish organizations. The Bloomsbury group itself evolved out of the Cambridge Apostles, and their…. A group dedicated to all those lovers of proper beer and books dealing with the…. For those interested in Luther, the Lutheran Church, Lutheranism, the…. Members are interested in the scientific worldview free from religion and….

Group for those interested in books about the people of world war II and the…. For the sociology addict perpetually drawn to analyzing societies, social…. For anyione who has a passing interest in Bill Watterson's comic strip Calvin…. Wait a moment,…. What do you want to read, what are…. This group will discuss questions from the curriculum framework created by….

Bulletin: After finishing up her last class at the New School and moving to…. The musty old tomes, strangely-stained manuscripts, and mass market paperbacks…. For all those that practice any Martial Art, Asian or not. Also for the love of…. For fans of the beautiful game, football or soccer, who voraciously read…. For those who enjoy reading books with a military theme.

Any genre. This is always a risky subject as this genre is often full of snake oil but I'm…. Students, faculty, alumni, and affiliates of The University of Chicago. This group is for Mrs. In this group we…. This is our Million Word Extravaganza sharing site! Add a thread to post your…. Erasmus once said, "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I….

Do you love to read about what characters in books are eating? Were you…. For teachers, researchers, scholars, and students who are interested in…. Can't resist the lure of a new dictionary or reference book when you go to the…. Discuss your favourite short stories and poems by your favourite writers.

This is basically for someone who has found a great read and would like to put…. This is a forum to brainstrom about authority control issues. A spcial tool the…. A quiet corner for me to figure out how groups work over here, and connect with…. List the books you'd love to see back in Print! Publishing Houses take note! Samuel Johnson and his circle met there regularly and called themselves the….

For those who love Battlestar. The group isn't just limited to fans of the new…. For bohemians of the past, present, and future! This group is about discussing…. This is a group for anyone interested in cryptic crosswords. It is intended as….

SYMBOLISM. Alchemy – Alchemical Virgo

Continuation of Mrs. Stansbury's classes online in order to discuss and analyze…. Are you addicted to collecting paper, cardstock, embellishments, ribbon, rubber…. Because not everyone likes Tea! A group for anyone interested in direct action, anticapitalism, and just…. All things heavy and dark, especially music from genres such as doom metal,…. Literature, short stories and fiction that portray human sensuality and erotic…. This group is for discussing the goal of reading the books that are considered…. For those interested in Druidry, Druidism and the historical Druids, Celtic….

Just read a great book and then realised that few if any other people have it…. We'll try to get every Best in Children's Book catalogued properly on…. This group is concerned with novel set in London and their locations.

Search A Light In The Darkness

Welcome to the temple of pot, potent buds, kief and hash, a private group to…. A Venn Diagram only H. Lovecraft could love featuring the overlap of MySpace…. Over the years I have come upon some truly heart-stopping "finds" in library…. Do you belong to a real life book club? Talk about it here! Report what your…. This is a group for people working on the Norwegian translation of…. Are you in or around the Los Angeles area? Looking for a book club in L. For those interested in scholarship on the Bible, and ancillary disciplines. A support group for writers thinking about stopping writing however….

This group is made up of the Class of at Loganville Christian Academy. Just as fulfilling as a "regular" book club, but here we read Graphic Novels…. This group will discuss the books and read the book, but you can join if you…. Students and teachers from River Ridge High School - come together to share….

A group for people who like the literature and language of Ancient Greece. This group is devoted to literary works in which mental illness…. We are in Ms. This group is for students in Mrs. Huber's Reading class at Indian Hills and…. Group for those who collect books on Bob Dylan, the greatest musician of the…. As I have found few working resources available online that lists any, let…. Throughout , we plan to read some books that were published 80 years ago. This group is dedicated to the discussion of the upcoming sequel to the….

Does you library use Library Thing? Are you thinking about ways your library…. A place to discuss both children's, young adult and adult graphic novels. Who is up for a real challenge? Here's the group for those of us looking to…. You live or maintain roots in Richmond, Charlottesville, Petersburg,…. Description: An open forum for scholars, students, speakers and…. A group for all those who enjoy gothic novels, from Ann Radcliffe and Horace….

Group dedicated to those who enjoy the study of how war was waged between …. Founded in according to the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue , this…. For those who do, or would like to, read Scottish Gaelic, at any level. This group is for anyone who enjoys the Chalet School series by…. A group for bibliophiles who love photography and enjoy sharing book or…. Like to hear it from the horse's mouth? Don't mind if the horse is years…. This group is for everyone interested in the Land of Smiles. Thais, enthusiasts….

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For bibliophiles who are alumni, students, fans, or otherwise fond of the…. This group is about who are interested in tarot thing, or are tarot readers or…. Group for members of rllmukforum. Let's form a terrifying snapshot of our…. Ever since its original publication in , Dracula by Bram Stoker has never….

A site for all of us who are learning Classical Greek, whether at school or as…. In this group we will read, discuss and review books by international authors. For anyone with a bibliographic interest in ancient or modern numismatics. Dedicated to the works of the late…. A group for children's book writers to discuss what they're reading -- other…. South Carolina libraries, unite! This is a group to help SC libraries, public….

This group will explore issues in aesthetics and philosophy of art from all…. For readers of AustenBlog to learn about books, new and old, related to Jane…. Cats of Clans! For Minnesotan and for discussing books by Minnesota authors or set in…. For residents of the Beehive state or just those who love it to discuss….

For first time or unknown authors who have been published, either self or…. This group is for lesbians, librarians, or people who want to talk about topics…. It would be fun to see a how many actors are out there and b what our…. If you dream of a world where peace prevails, please join us and share your…. A group dedicated to reading and discussing particular works of libertarian…. For students of linguistics at any university to share ideas, experiences,…. A group for readers of my favourite author, Iris Murdoch. Which is your…. This group is dedicated to discussing books from the TV series, Lost.

We are…. Light novels are a modern form of pop literature developed in Japan. They are…. Group related to internationalization, internationalisation, i18n issues…. No genre of music is too obscure, every genre has some great music. Just curious as to how many OSC fans we have here. This could be a fun place…. For aficionados of the occult, the obscure, the offbeat, and the slightly….

Is that thread getting heated? Are people unhappy about what is being said? Open to all members of the Sir John Lawes School community who want to attempt…. Homesteading, survival, self reliance, self-reliance, primitive skills,…. Dedicated to the pooling of apologetic materials in the attempt to make a…. For those interested in the expatriate authors who gravitated towards Paris in…. Sugary delights! Cakes, cupcakes, pies, candy, beverages! Share your cookbook…. Experimental group for translating LibraryThing into Greek. This group is for historians of technology and the books they read.

Tag books…. A place to share the reading materials of innovative educators using Web 2. This group will examine all aspects of consilience. Wilson's book…. Fiend : a person extremely addicted to some pernicious habit. This is for…. A group for readers who are less interested in the dates, kings, wars etc, and…. Anyone interested in Paganism, Wicca or Witchcraft.

Seasoned, new or just…. A group for anyone who needs an outlet for their excessive enthusiasm for…. In a class of sophomores and juniors from Fredericksburg Academy began a…. An experiment - why don't we share our reading experiences and spread the…. Dedicated to the iconic and fascinating series of novels released between …. This is a place for those of us who have written something that we want to get…. Finance professionals, practioners, and enthusiats looking to share insight and….

A group dedicated to sharing books devoted to the care and happiness of our…. This is a group for anarchists to discuss books about anarchism and other books…. This group is for fans of Brandon Sanderson and his work. Whether you love…. This is a place for people of differing spiritualities to meet and discuss how….

A group for Episcopalians to talk about books important to them, church stuff…. A list of…. Sophomores study British literature by reading lots of good books all kinds! A group to share books read in Teaching Literature to Elementary and Middle…. A group for past, current and future residents of Kentucky.

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Talk about books,…. A group for individuals interested in the various topics and literature of the…. Do you read Ubers? Active in Xena fandom? Interested in the wider world of…. Examines, analyzes, and discusses presidental autobiographies, biographies,…. This group is intended to bring together people interested in polyamory,….

We remember Perec and Calvino. We praise structure. We believe in constrains. In this thread, people add five words per post to the story to create an award…. A group to discuss all things Dickinson, her life, letters, poetry,…. For people interested in World War I and the troops who fought it. Let's focus…. I'm a teen author unpublished.

This is a group to post your "lists" -- bibliographies. First Hour Contemporary Lit. Here is where our class members can share in…. This group will concentrate on famous voluminous novels classic and modern …. For those interested in discussion of books on the topic of Evolution from…. A group of high school students reading and discussing American Literature. Readings in Literature class. Groves High School. Love the games published by White Wolf? Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith,….

This is a group for pantheists - including pantheists, panenetheists,…. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum is America's greatest fairy tale,…. A group for readers of published etiquette and manners guides. For fans of Frank Herbert's Dune series, and even the prequels and sequels by…. This group is for people who love reading about royalty, past or present. For those drawn to a deeper connection with God through mysticism in the….

A group designed to discuss contemporary American Politics. Views of both the…. For fans of Indonesian literature, politics, history and humanities in general. A group for discussing the creating, use, abuse and destruction of libraries in…. This group is dedicated to the Museums of the World, natural History museums,….

This group is for those of us who catalog for a living AND who use…. The group is the Readings in Literature class for Term 3, that meets…. Students will use this site to catalog books they have read for our course. This is for students in the Freshman English 1 Honors class in period 4. A group for radical theatre and performance theater, music, dance,…. A group for those interested in the simple life, voluntary simplicity, plain…. I was just noticing how much more I am reading and with how much more focus and….

This is a group for Otherkin, people who identify in some manner as Other than…. Ideally this could…. Just thought there may be others out there who love time travel fiction as much…. The place for Catholic bloggers to see what kind of books we're all reading! Established in , Internet Broadcasting is the nation's largest publisher of…. Eleventh graders at Fredericksburg Academy read and write reviews about books…. This is for those of you who love to read about the Paranormal, Hauntings and….

The Eternal Mercenary character created by the late Barry Sadler. Sadler wrote…. I wanted to create somewhere where I can keep a list of books that I hear about…. Students from School 41 in Rochester New York can share their book logs in…. A group for anyone involved in alternative sexual practices, bent towards power…. For those of us who love to time travel in our minds to times of travel in the…. This group is for fans of Cassandra Clare's popular trilogy including; City of…. Here you can talk about whatever you like, books, movies, songs, food?! A place for Ms. Come here for discussion between each year's Tournament of Books, run by The….

For Oakland based Library Thingers. I'm guessing we all own Story of a City. Do have a list of "you and one other" books as long as your library? Are many…. Does what it says on the label. Ideally, a forum where people can speak about…. Thought I'd create a group to discuss what books that aim to teach Arabic…. This group will use the reading list of their club to discuss books they are…. This is a group of Library Technical Assistants learning about the art of…. You love it. Just the sight of those little yellow balls makes you smile. Are you up for a challenge?

It's mostly a challenge against yourself. Find out…. If you love growing vegetables then this group is for you. You don't have to be…. A group dedicated to the discussion of Winston Churchill: The man, his life,…. This group is for all lovers of books published by the German publisher…. A place to discuss the novels in this year's Red Maple Reading Program. Dedicated to Neil Gaiman's creation - a place to discuss the original series,…. Is a canon desirable?

Is a canon necessary? How does a canon emerge? And which….

Epub Gai Jin 1995

If you enjoy reading, writing, discussing or thinking about issues related to…. Down with Dewey. LibraryThing is now ready to create a free, open-source,…. For those who read books listed within the two volumes of Nancy Pearl's Book…. A discussion of William Burroughs' work and the work of similar authors. This group is for students of modern and classical Gnosticism. Interests may…. Have you read Gregory Maguire's "Son of a Witch"? Seen the hit broadway…. For fans of Katie Macaliser and her romance novels!

Can't wait til april for…. Upload your textbooks to an account with your name on it and then join this…. The James Bond films are good, but the books are better. Fleming fans, unite! A place for LibraryThing users to discuss limitations with the site's…. Helps with depression and anxiety.


Malachite is gangsta. Sydney, Australia. It is time to make a decision about an important issue or situation. It may be best to reinvent yourself and forge a new path forward. Or perhaps your fairies are telling you to stand still and choose to remain in the situation you have now. To either move forward or stay where you are. Don't put this decision off. The message is to decide now.

Make the best decision you can in the moment but don't put it off any longer. Listen to your immediate emotional response and let the situation guide you. Ask the Faries by Amy Alexander. Thank you, angels New friends! Mississauga, Ontario. Know your departed loved ones are always waiting for you! My goal as a medium is to bring you their beautiful messages in the meantime! I made a promise to God that if he gave me another miracle baby that I would help as many people as I can.

You better believe I am keeping my promise! Stay tuned for my next group mediumship event to be posted. Sending you all much love and light! We are just taking down your info at this moment. Please contact us either by the business phone or email and we will be happy to add you! Please note effective January 1st, there will be a slight rate increase on all services, classes, events and workshops here at Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc. All appointments and events booked afterwards regardless of being on a waitlist will reflect the new rates.

I appreciate all of the business gained from my regular clients, and look forward to growing with new clients. As always, if you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact me. Have a blessed day everyone! Photo a day challenge picture for today. I follow the signs of course. The Universe communicates in codes, sending me special signs that I recognize. It uses a language that has taken me years and years to decipher and understand.

So yes today I see the signs and feel my ancestors behind me. The ghosts of the past are awakening and their stories will eventually be told. Stay grounded in the present and know that you are safe right now. Know that you are loved right now, and appreciate the joy of the moment. Your guardian fairy is reminding you not to allow events in the past to colour how you see the present. Accept the results you have created in this situation and begin to anticipate the future with excitement. You must still assume responsibility for decisions you have made in the past, but do not remain chained there.

The fairies want you to live in the present. Published by Veritas Group and Oceanhouse Media. You are deepening your relationship with yourself and understand how to create your own happiness and fulfillment. Others may give you the recognition you deserve and give you the love and support that you have so freely given to others. A new cycle is beginning and you can walk forward with your head held high. You are metaphorically entering your rebirth right now. In the Southern Hemisphere it is actually springtime which coincides perfectly.

It is time to sing your songs, use your talents and surrender to your own rebirth. I added the numbers of the cards today as they are 35,36 indicating to me that you are on the right path for you. They are stepping stones showing progression. All your hard work is paying off and you are consciously creating the life that you want to. Congratulate yourself on all your hard work, see how far you have come and rejoice in all the pure Magick that you are.

You deserve all the blessings that are on their way to you. You're feeling the need to move on. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you're seeking more meaning and rewards. You've grown spiritually and emotionally, and you yearn to leave the past behind. These changes will bring the benefits you desire. The inward search for answers is rewarded at this time. Don't let anything distract you from your true path. If you feel a void in your life, fill it with healthy ways! A relocation or change in your job or relationships is possible at this time.

Additonal meanings of this card are: Choosing to leave a painful situation. The search for spiritual fulfillment. Dealing with feelings of burnout. Please like this post, comment below and share with your friends. You are already on the right path. Don't let negative influences or doubters slow you down. Your guardian fairies are telling you to dare to do what you want or take a risk.

They know you will achieve your goal or sway others to your position. If you are concerned with doing what is right or making up for a past mistake, weigh matters carefully before you make important decisions about your future course. You will know the right path when you see it. Published by Veritas Group. I feel that the bond between us is strong because of this fact, and it may have something to do with her being a crystal child and all. There are times when life can get really hectic and it can be a challenge to balance work and family.

The fairies are asking you to step back and see what you can put aside for now or to delegate to someone else. Take time for yourself. Take a few minutes to just breathe. Get out in nature and ground yourself. Card message: Your guardian fairy is here to bring a message of balance. It is time to master the chaos in your life. This is a time to step back and look at areas of your life where you are feeling out of balance.

You may need to withdraw from involvement or wait patiently. Identify areas where you are overwhelmed and determine where you can remove responsibilities. Consider how this message of balance relates to your situation or question. Regaining balance is a key part of your life could provide the answer that you need. Ask The Fairies by Amy Alexander. I was guided to pull a card as today is the harvest moon.